Welcome to Be The Lead Dog!

You can’t go through an experience like Iditarod

without blossoming as a person.

You are profoundly empowered through learning from your dogs by accomplishing goals together.

But — running Iditarod is not required to gain this insight and wisdom. What is required, what you must have to experience this type of transformation, is the ability to work with your dog to accomplish a big, bad, bodacious goal of your choosing.

Welcome to Be the Lead Dog, where engaged dog lovers can discover how to become the person their dog knows they are.

When you accomplish any goal with your dog(s), it changes you in ways large and small. You gain trust and perspective, patience and focus, self-assurance and authenticity. It forces you to be fully present, and prime you to actually show up for your career and life.

Your life, your dog, your goals. Let me show you how…

Liz and Crimp Focus Forward

“…a love that’s proved by steady gazing

Not at each other but in the same direction.”

— Seamus Heaney, from Human Chain